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Catnip Memoirs (Copyright © 2015 Paula Ogier)

There’s a lot of art I work on with a vision of it or a purpose for it. Then there are odd little things I spend hours drawing that I have no idea if they will ever go anywhere. Meaning, will it find its way into a piece one day? (Honestly, It doesn’t have to, because the practice of drawing and designing is still both gratifying and a great investment.)

Sometimes it turns out down the line that these weird little bits are perfect for an image I’m working on. I might look through my digital files and stumble across patterns or images I’d completely forgotten I’d drawn last season or last year, and find something that is just right for including in a new image. Creating my final “paintings” can be like putting a collage together.

Like the pattern on the sofa in the image above. I made that for no reason at all, and it turned out to be just what this feline typist needed to sit on.

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Images property of Paula Ogier.


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“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
– Albert Einstein

Art by Paula Ogier

“Time and Nature” by Paula Ogier

Isn’t time the most curious thing? Slower than slow when you’re bored, faster than lightening when you don’t want something to end. I love hearing the low second-to-second tick tock of my bedside analog clock during the night, mostly because it’s close to the rhythm of the heart’s beat. That pace makes it comforting and relaxing.

If you’ve got insomnia, that tick tocking can kind of drive you nutso. You’re thinking about how many hours are left before you have to get up. Every tick tock accentuates the direness of your condition.

Still, time is a beautiful thing – steadfast and measurable. Seasons depend on it, don’t they? The evolution of spring’s new life giving way to summer’s lusciousness, and eventually, the gradual decay of autumn succumbing to winter’s sharp crispness. The cycle continues as winter fades against the soft buds of spring. Even so, time is never the same moment. Summer after summer, fall after fall, each new moment is a new location on the map of time.

Do you think much about time? Does it really even exist?

If you’d like some “timely” things to ponder, read Albert Einstein and the Fabric of Time. (By the way, I’m not promoting the author of that article’s book. I’ve never seen it and have no connection to it or to him.)

Image property of Paula Ogier.

“Time and Nature,” 36-painting mosaic, Copyright © 2010 Paula Ogier

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