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Making Art a PracticeCongratulations to Cat Bennett, author of the encouraging and inspiring book, “Making Art a Practice,” which has just won a gold medal from Foreword Reviews, the go-to indie book review for libraries and bookstores.

One of the main understandings nourished in me by this book is that we all have our own expression and vision within us, and we have only to engage with them to find them. One of my favorite things about the writing in this book, as well as in Cat Bennett’s previous book, “The Confident Creative,” is the soothing and matter of fact approach to opening one up to their own creative energies.

See Forward Reviews’ review.

If you haven’t been to Cat’s The Company of Artists Facebook page, I encourage you to visit. It’s a great resource for connecting with the ideas and works of artists around the world.


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Special thanks to Cat Bennett, author of the newly published “Making Art a Practice,” for including my “Fish Wish” (pictured here) painting in her recently published book. Image

And—I’m not just saying this because my art is in it!—the book is inspiring and thoughtful, speaking to both the experienced and inexperienced art-makers among us. Its voice is encouraging without being overbearing. It entices and stimulates and makes you want to know what else you might possibly create (and have fun in the process of). There are lots of brilliant suggestions for how to stay connected to artmaking, experience community among artists and explore what else may be waiting inside us to be expressed. I have truly loved reading it and that’s why my copy (pictured here) is already getting worn at the corners.

Cat Bennett also has a great page on Facebook called The Company of Artists. It’s filled with links to stories about artists and illustrators, and about what they do and why. It has news and thoughts about everything from books to manga to museum exhibits to graphic design to street art and more.

ImageTo learn more about the book, here’s its page on Amazon.

“Fish Wish” painting Copyright © Paula Ogier 2010. Do not reproduce without artist written permission.

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