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"Flutter By" (Lola) © copyright Paula Ogier 2009

My love for painting animal portraits was inspired by my love of my own pets, who have been important members of my family. Yesterday, my beloved 15 &  1/2 year old Lola passed away, at home and surrounded by her family including her feline brother Sammy. Reflecting upon our love and respect for her, and her incredibly strong spirit, I can’t help but feel that animals make us better people. Lola, you remain in my heart for all time. I love you dearly, sweetheart. xo
Rest in peace.


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"Star Gazing" (Toby) copyright © Paula Ogier 2011

I recently finished this painting of Toby. Toby lives in Medford with his two dads. He likes the windows open so he can keep an eye on all the birds and other creatures just beyond his grasp. He’s also unusually fond of having a full bowl of food at all times. You might say he’s an Eating Enthusiast.

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