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"Throw the Ball" from the Love Me, Love My Dog check collection

Personal check from the LOVE ME, LOVE MY DOG check collection

There’s just nothing fun, beautiful or imaginative about the zero-personality checks issued by banking institutions. When I got the opportunity to design four collections of artistic checks for CheckAdvantage.com, I loved the idea. Paying bills can be drudgery enough, so why not write checks that make you smile? I have been using artistic checks for many years now, motivated by the desire to feel happy for and appreciative of whatever I write a check for.

It was quite a thrill for me when my new check designs went live on CheckAdvantage.com last week. I’m very pleased with how they look. The designs have gotten wonderfully enthusiastic responses from friends and family, which of course makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but I’m most excited to see how they will sell now that they are on the market! The image above is “Throw the Ball,” from the LOVE ME, LOVE MY DOG collection.

"Nocturnal Twins" checkbook cover from the Meowza check collection

Checkbook cover from the MEOWZA collection

Each collection offers the option of a checkbook cover featuring the first design in that collection. You can buy them separately, so even if you really don’t need more checks right now, you can still have a great checkbook cover. The covers are available in either cloth or leather. The orange-drenched image to the left is “Nocturnal Twins” from the MEOWZA collection.

Address label from the DEJA MOO collection

Address label from the DEJA MOO collection

Want to add some zing to your envelopes? Address labels are also available with images from the four collections. The image to the left is “Femme Fatale” from the DEJA MOO collection.

Address label from FULL MOON collection

Address label from FULL MOON collection

There’s also a FULL MOON collection featuring a series of colorful moon-themed abstract paintings. The image to the right is “Pacific Moon” from the FULL MOON collection.

I hope you’ll visit my CheckAdvantage page and see if something catches your fancy. And happy check writing to you!

All art images copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier.


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"Star Gazing" (Toby) copyright © Paula Ogier 2011

I recently finished this painting of Toby. Toby lives in Medford with his two dads. He likes the windows open so he can keep an eye on all the birds and other creatures just beyond his grasp. He’s also unusually fond of having a full bowl of food at all times. You might say he’s an Eating Enthusiast.

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