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"Ellie," Copyright © Paula Ogier 2011

Do you know someone who would just love receiving a colorful portrait of their pet as a holiday gift? Consider one of these not-so-traditional pet portraits. I enjoy painting them, but what I love even more are the reactions from the folks I paint them for.

Not only is the portrait style non-traditional, but the medium is as well – I use an electronic pen and pad to create a digital painting, which I then have giclée printed on quality archival paper. I have them printed by the wonderfully patient Mark Peterson, a photographer at Somerville’s Joy Street Studios, who has a giclée printer and great color management skills. He works tirelessly and uncomplainingly with me on getting the color just right.

"George Loves His Toys," Copyright © Paula Ogier 2011

The lead time on each painting is approximately four weeks, once I have appropriate photos to work with. If you’ve got a pet lover in your life, consider this special and personal holiday gift idea.

They can be purchased either framed or unframed to suit your gift-giving needs.

To learn more about having a pet portrait made, please visit my artist website at PaulaOgierArt, where you can see more examples. You’ll find sizes and prices there, and tips on photographing your pet.

"Star Gazing" (Toby) Copyright © Paula Ogier 2011


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"Enchantment," copyright © Paula Ogier 2010

The latest excitement in my art business is that I’ve finally got my own artist website: Paula Ogier galaxy of art.

For some time now, I’ve had what’s known as my own “bubblesite” on Redbubble.com. If you’re a Redbubble.com member, you can post your artwork and view and comment on the work of other member artists all over the world. And you can sell your work, leaving Redbubble to handle the printing, framing and shipping. I enjoyed being on Redbubble immensely, but when they recently “improved” their website design (an apparently contagious malady these days), I found I didn’t enjoy going there as much because the layout was messy, unfocused, and a drag to navigate. Plus someone had shown me some greeting cards purchased through Redbubble with my artwork on them, and the color and quality were not consistently good. I can get my digital paintings printed locally by someone I know will do a good job, so it made sense to have more control over the process. I want to know what my client is getting. It was definitely time to get my own site – something I’ve been fantasizing about, but not actually pursuing.

When I wrote a list of business goals for the month of January, at the top was “Look into getting a website.” So non-committal. Why? I was scared I would not understand how to do it or how it worked. But I remembered those Intuit.com commercials about creating your own website, and the next morning I went to their site. I watched the informational video, registered for my free month-long trial, poured through the selection of templates, picked out my domain name, and by evening I had the first page to my new website completed. That was a month ago and I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come. I have separate pages for the different genres of artwork I do – pet portraits, pattern designs, illustrations, and photo-based cityscape paintings – making it easy for clients to find the type of artwork they are looking for.

Intuit.com’s customer service has been great so far. I have to admit they do try to sell me some upgraded feature every time I call, but other than that, it’s easy to get them on the phone and they’ve quickly resolved any problems or questions.

If you’re an artist, I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences with setting up a website for your business.

Artwork in this post Copyright © 2010 Paula Ogier. Do not use or reproduce without permission.

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"Fish Wish" (Sammy), copyright © Paula Ogier 2010

Sammy is one bad cat. He’s fantastically passionate and weirdly amusing, when he’s not being bad. My series of cat paintings arose naturally from the quirky personalities and moods of Sammy Wolvek and his extended feline social network: Mildred, Fig, Dinah, and his stupid sister Lola. (Lola’s not really stupid, but Sammy seems to think so.) Some of the portraits have anime influences. Some, like “Kitty Shaman,” are more ethereal. A few of them are below…

Upon first glance, Lola might appear to be ditzy. She’s not. Lola was once quite the mouser. In 1997 she was the tetherball champion of Allston-Brighton. In 1998 she had a love affair during a tournament with Binky, the Russian Blue on her opponent’s team. She hasn’t been the same since she was disqualified for sleeping with the enemy.

"Flutter By" (Lola)

Mildred, on the other hand, is a child of the universe. She has a right to be here. Mildred knows that with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. She has a fondness for the herb, if you know what I mean.


Sammy has his moments of shamanic bliss. Who knows what goes on his furry little brain at such times? One minute he’s clawing desperately at the catnip bin, and the next minute he’s been transported to Nirvana. Go, Sammy, go. When you come back to earth, your dinner will be waiting for you.

"Kitty Shaman" (Sammy Wolvek)

All images Copyright © 2010 Paula Ogier. Do not use without permission.

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