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Here’s a reminder that my regular blog is now over at Let Me Illustrate My Point.

Having an art business, I’m always looking at what else I can do to give presence to my services. You know, the small beyond-the-obvious details that set a mood. Things that say this is who I am and what I have to offer. My latest post, The Little Stuff: Art Biz Details, looks at a very recent step in the process of making those small tangible details happen.

If you happen to be an artist, or not, after you read it I’d like to know what kind of things you do (or think about doing) to add that little extra something something.


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New Facebook Rules Sting Entrepreneurs

Are you an artist who uses an artist page on Facebook to promote yourself or your work? If so, and you haven’t already heard about Facebook’s new model for paid posting, you’ll want to read the following Wall Street Journal article. In essence, if your posts are deemed “promotional,” they’ll be filtered out of users’ news feeds. Unless…you want to pay for them. If you generate a lot of business through your Facebook presence, then maybe you’ll want to consider a marketing budget that includes Facebook posts. If you don’t see yourself allotting advertising funds to Facebook, however, the time and energy you spend maintaining that presence is probably wasted.

Read the Wall Street Journal’s New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs.

Now that you’ve read about the new rules, you might be wondering what your alternatives are. Here’s a new post from ArtsyShark on this topic: Who Controls Your Art Business?

I’d love to hear from artists who are currently operating an artist Facebook page. How do you and your art business plan to respond to the new Facebook environment? Feel free to comment!

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