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Anime Boston 2012Following up on Sunday’s blog piece about Anime Boston 2012, the cosplay crowd has more or less vanished from the streets of Back Bay and life is back to business as usual on Boylston Street. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I do miss this endearingly friendly bunch of costumed characters who show up here each spring.

Anime Boston is an annual Japanese anime convention held at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel. This event is the largest Japanese anime convention in the Northeast, attracting a majority of attendees ages 16-26, although people of all ages attend.

I did not go into the convention myself. Rather, I strolled around near the Hynes’ front door, the Hynes’ back door (inside the Pru), the inside of the Pru mall, the two-level concrete plaza in front of the Pru, and just Boylston Street in general. I am always surprised by how friendly and eager to pose the anime conventioneers are.

If you missed the imaginative array of sailors, bumblebees, pink-haired warriors, feudal lords, pig-tailed schoolgirls, aviators and superheroes, they’ll be back again next year, a little later in the season, from May 24-26, 2013.

Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Top Hat Girl, Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Posing for Photos, Anime Boston 2012Saxophonist and That Guy, Anime Boston 2012Saxophonist, Anime Boston 2012KittyPack, Anime Boston 2012Red Skirt Girl, Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Green Haired Schoolgirl, Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Anime Boston 2012Horned Lady, Anime Boston 2012


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