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Catnip Memoirs (Copyright © 2015 Paula Ogier)

There’s a lot of art I work on with a vision of it or a purpose for it. Then there are odd little things I spend hours drawing that I have no idea if they will ever go anywhere. Meaning, will it find its way into a piece one day? (Honestly, It doesn’t have to, because the practice of drawing and designing is still both gratifying and a great investment.)

Sometimes it turns out down the line that these weird little bits are perfect for an image I’m working on. I might look through my digital files and stumble across patterns or images I’d completely forgotten I’d drawn last season or last year, and find something that is just right for including in a new image. Creating my final “paintings” can be like putting a collage together.

Like the pattern on the sofa in the image above. I made that for no reason at all, and it turned out to be just what this feline typist needed to sit on.

See more of my art.

Images property of Paula Ogier.


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Paula Ogier Artist Escape

Escape (Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier)

I got a kick out of yesterday’s Artsy Shark post showing 25 different artists in their studios with their thoughts on what inspires their own creativity. The artists were asked “What inspires you? How do you express your creativity through your art?”

It got me thinking, of course, about how I would answer those questions. I related to many of the artists’ answers, but as unique beings we all have our own variations on any given theme. I agree that it can be a spiritual experience. In fact, I started using the expression Inner Space about ten years ago to describe the sensation of going really deep into my art making. Suddenly all this space would open up inside me and it was such a pleasure to luxuriate in it. Do I always feel that? No. But there are so many other lovely associations and pleasures that come from making art for me, that it doesn’t always have to be like that.

As far as what inspires me, I often get excited about great looking buildings, or pairs or groups of buildings that look unexpectedly cool in juxtaposition to one another. Here in Boston, I get to see a lot of that. And then there are animals – the dogs, cats, wabbits, birds, lions, fish, elephants, giraffes and more of the world that maybe make me feel that little bit of wildness inside me. Animals, like buildings, seem to find their way into my art. Patterns and graphics inspire me, as do dreamy, ethereal, beautifully colored scenes. This mash-up of inspirations may be what results in much of my work being multi-layered. Otherwise, how would I fit it all in?

Read Artsy Shark’s Art Studio Visit: What’s Your Creative Inspiration?

Pictured: “Escape” © 2014 Paula Ogier
Do not reproduce without written permission.

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Animal_Magnetism_Exhibit“Animal Magnetism: Celebrating the Radiant Spirit of Animals” is an exhibit of art prints by yours truly at the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston. You have until June 3 to stop by and enjoy this colorful celebration of fine furry beings, and while you’re there, you might just find a fabulous new friend to adopt!

This art exhibit features four dogs, four cats and a rather saintly cow. All pieces are for sale, and for each piece sold I am donating 50% of the net profit to the ARL. You get an imaginative and colorful work of art, and the ARL gets extra support for all the work they do on behalf of animals. It’s a win-win.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is at 100 Chandler Street in Boston’s South End.

Adoption Center hours are:
Monday: by appointment only
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1-7pm
Friday, Saturday: 1-4pm
Sunday: 1-4pm (adoptions only)
Phone: (617) 426-9170

You can also follow the ARL of Boston on Facebook or on Twitter.

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"Chardonnay Yogi," Copyright © Paula Ogier 2010.

When I was painting this peaceful Bovine, I asked my friend, Certified Wine Specialist (CWS) Eden Stone, what kind of wine a yoga practicing cow would drink. Without missing a beat, she replied, “Chardonnay.”

And that is how Chardonnay Yogi came to be.

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