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GorillapodHi there. If you haven’t been to my new blog site yet, head on over to my latest post, Technology, Travels and Toulouse-Latrec, for some post-NYC / MOMA thoughts.

My chilly, fast-paced long weekend in NYC included an afternoon at the Toulouse-Latrec print exhibit at the MOMA.

I’d love it if you subscribed to the new blog, Let Me Illustrate My Point, as I’m continuing to shift my focus to that one.

See you there.


Paula Ogier Artworks


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Cow art

At the Moovies
(Copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier)

Hello friends,

I’ve started a brand new blog site called Let Me Illustrate My Point to focus more on my current creative interests and direction. The jury’s still out on whether I’ll continue the Boston Artist blog site. For now, it stays. I appreciate your readership!

Please have a look at the new blog site, and feel free to tell me what you think.



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Sidewalk Sam dove

A dove painting in Boston’s South End inspired by Sidewalk Sam.

While most artists, myself included, like the idea of their art living on, there are those who gladly accept – even welcome –  the impermanent nature of their art. A few who come quickly to mind are Andrew Goldsworthy, Andres Amador, face painters, food sculptors and Tibetan sand mandala makers.

Boston had its own artist of impermanence in Bob Guillemin, known as “Sidewalk Sam,” who passed away yesterday at age 75 in his home in Newton (a suburb of Boston). He is remembered today in a Boston Globe story that tells of his first seeing sidewalk chalk artists as a student in Paris. In a 1980 Globe interview, he explained his desire to make art accessible to the general public:

“People tend to think of art as august, quiet, elevated, always in somber museum settings,” he told the Globe in 1980. Mr. Guillemin removed art from its reverential perch, never to be touched, and placed it under the toes of passersby. “I believe art should be pedestrian,” he added with a smile.

Read about the life of artist Bob Guillemin in the Boston Globe’s Sidewalk Sam Dies; He Turned Streets of Boston Into His Canvas.

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SoWa Vintage MarketMeandering through the vintage market usually stirs my artistic imagination. Today is no exception! There are so many patterns, colors and motifs to take in. These sunny scenes are from this Sunday morning at the SoWa Vintage Market in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

SoWa Vintage Market SoWa Vintage Market

It was also a treat to see the sunlight filtering in on this day after some pretty goopy, gloomy weather.

If you’re not familiar with the SoWa Vintage Market, it’s open every Sunday, 10 am-4 pm, year-round in the South End. Here’s more info.

SoWa Vintage Market

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Snow Waves by Paula OgierIt’s been about a month since the winter solstice, and strangely (may I not regret saying this), we’ve seen very little snow here in Boston. Most of us can probably agree that snow is beautiful, but probably more so if you don’t have to commute to work in it or it hasn’t turned black from street dirt and car fumes. Full of character, diverse in form – be it fluffy, crystalline, whipped up into a frozen frenzy like tips of meringue pie, weighty, fast-falling, or barely discernible in little white dots meandering softly down through the air – it’s easy to see why artists paint snow. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Back around the time of the winter solstice, Huffington Post’s Arts & Culture section ran a piece on the best snow scenes in art. There are likely lots of wonderful paintings that never get the kind of exposure that artists like Wassily Kandinsky (whose fabulous no-white “Winter Landscape” is included) or Camille Pissarro do, but even if these 19 featured aren’t the best that exist in the world, I have to agree most of them are pretty special.

See Huffington Post’s 19 of the Best Snow Scenes in Art.


Pictured: “Snow Waves” Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier

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New Facebook Rules Sting Entrepreneurs

Are you an artist who uses an artist page on Facebook to promote yourself or your work? If so, and you haven’t already heard about Facebook’s new model for paid posting, you’ll want to read the following Wall Street Journal article. In essence, if your posts are deemed “promotional,” they’ll be filtered out of users’ news feeds. Unless…you want to pay for them. If you generate a lot of business through your Facebook presence, then maybe you’ll want to consider a marketing budget that includes Facebook posts. If you don’t see yourself allotting advertising funds to Facebook, however, the time and energy you spend maintaining that presence is probably wasted.

Read the Wall Street Journal’s New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs.

Now that you’ve read about the new rules, you might be wondering what your alternatives are. Here’s a new post from ArtsyShark on this topic: Who Controls Your Art Business?

I’d love to hear from artists who are currently operating an artist Facebook page. How do you and your art business plan to respond to the new Facebook environment? Feel free to comment!

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The Tourist from Myth Makers Avian Avatars on Broadway

The Tourist: A Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Boston-based sculptors Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, both members of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, have been collaborating on snow sculptures, public art projects and fire sculpture performances for the last five years as the Myth Makers.

Last year, at an opening reception for sculptor Chakaia Booker’s “Sentinels on Broadway” summer 2014 installation in Manhattan’s Garment District, these two myth makers met Garment District Alliance Vice-President Gerald Scupp. Scupp had seen their work before, liked their aesthetic, and invited Dodson and Moerlein to propose an installation of their own work on Broadway.

Their proposal for “Avian Avatars” was accepted as the Garment District Alliance’s first winter installation of public art in the pedestrian plazas along Broadway.

Dodson and Moerlein built five glorious birds – made from branches and some trash – at the Save That Stuff warehouse in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. Working as Artists in Residence in Save That Stuff’s CHaRM Center (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials), they created the Avian Avatars, incorporating found objects into their work for the first time.

Says Dodson, “With the city streetscape, our materials had to evolve and encompass new ideas.”

The five bird sculptures were installed on Broadway, between 41st and 36th Streets, situated one per block, on January 3, 2014.

These towering bird pieces are up through April 24, 2015. If you’re in New York City between now and then, go visit the Avian Avatars!

The Tastemaker Avian Avatar by Myth Makers

The Tastemaker: A Falcon

You can follow what Myth Makers Dodson and Moerlein are up to here on their Facebook page. And you can also visit the Myth Makers blog.

If you’re in Boston, you can see Donna Dodson’s Mighty Lioness sculpture gracing the courtyard at 500 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s SoWa District, situated just behind Cinquecento restaurant.

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