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Mixed Media art by Paula Ogier

“Back Bay Bossa Nova,” Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier

One of my newer pieces, Back Bay Bossa Nova, involved the use of 23 different layers. I painted this using an electronic pen and pad in conjunction with Photoshop, starting with a photograph I took in Boston’s Back Bay as my template for the buildings. I introduced some of my hand-drawn pattern designs, scaling and skewing them to fit the exteriors of the buildings. The background sky evolved from finger-paintings I made on my Samsung tablet. I added those paintings as back layers.

I’m self-taught at digital drawing/painting and in using Photoshop as an art medium. I have experimented for over a dozen years with digital painting, discovering many new possibilities for creativity over time. I often begin with my own photos or my cut paper collages, and then build upon them in layers with my Wacom brand Intuos digital pen and pad. When I first started playing around in this medium, I never really imagined all I might one day do with it. I use a somewhat older version of Photoshop (CS3), which gives me plenty of tools and potential for expressing my imagination.

In short, this is how I like to imagine my beautiful city of Boston. Not that it isn’t beautiful as is, but I have my own way of seeing it, which I hope reflects my mood and passion for this unusual American city I have called home for 21 years.


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450 Harrison Avenue Paula Ogier in studio 203May 1 brings a new phase for Yours Truly.  I’ll finally have an artist studio at 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End. I’ve long fantasized about being there one day, and now here it is. My studio mate is jewelry maker Barbara Goldberg. The building is just down the street from my home and provides an opportunity to further grow my both my art and my art business.

I’m also pleased to be joining the SOWA Artists Guild. I look forward to having a dedicated art studio and to being part of the 450 Harrison community of artists.

A little bit about the SOWA Artists Guild from their website:
“The SOWA artist district of Boston has developed into a major artist community with hundreds of artists’ studios and dozens of galleries. At the center of SOWA, 450 Harrison Avenue is home to 15 galleries and over 70 artist studios. The members of the SOWA Artist Guild are an eclectic group – from different parts of the world, working in different mediums, each with a unique approach to creative expression. What they share is dedication to their work and a serious pursuit of artistic quality.”

Come visit me in Studio 203!


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