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I Heart You Paula Ogier

If you missed my recent post about my new blog site, Let Me Illustrate My Point, I’m here to mention it again. Come visit me there.

Have a LOVEly day!



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It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet.” – Kojiro Tomita

Mixed Media Paula Ogier

“Night Shadows” by Paula Ogier

Image property of Paula Ogier.

“Night Shadows,” (paper, colored pencil, digital paint),

Copyright © 2003 Paula Ogier

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Paula Ogier Cat portrait

“Trudy” by Paula Ogier

I’ve made a lot of new art over the past year. From painted city photographs to poster design to animal portraits to humorous illustrations, and more, I’ve been painting my fool head off with my electronic pen.

If you haven’t visited my artist website lately (or ever, for that matter!), I invite you to step inside.

In May 2014, I moved into Studio 203 at 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End. Having a studio that is open to the public has been, as they say, “game-changey.” Initially, the only thing I even hoped for was a dedicated space for my art making. That was good enough! But once I started getting visitors and hearing feedback about my work – and even better, selling my work – I saw the opportunity in meeting people who come to see art. Sure, it’s great to be able to sell artwork online and through companies, but really wonderful to stand in front of the person who wants to buy my art. I had no idea how different that would feel.

May through October, while the outdoor SoWa Sunday market was going on, I was in my studio every Sunday. I worked on projects while people, many of whom simply came into the building to use the bathrooms, wandered into my studio and looked around. My studio mate Barbara makes clay jewelry (shaping and baking the beads before stringing them) and pretty decoupaged glass trinket plates, so between that and my collection of art prints, there’s a good eclectic selection of things for visitors to explore.

Paula Ogier art print

“The Footbridge” by Paula Ogier

Since November, the crowds have shrunk. People still come down to the SoWa art + design district on Sundays for the indoor Vintage Market next door, but until the farmer’s market, artisans’ tents, food trucks and warm weather return in May, it’ll be much quieter.

That’s okay. I’m using this time to experiment with creative ideas that have been kicking around in my head all year. I recently got myself a large flat file cabinet for storing prints. The top of it gives me an additional work space.

I’m listening to podcasts about operating an art business, and going to one-on-one training sessions at the Apple Store to learn to better use my Mac laptop. And I’m listening to music! The creative and productive juices are flowing, and this wintry semi-alone time is enjoyable, too.

Again, I invite you to visit my website, and if you’re in the Boston area, please visit my studio. You are welcome to call me at 617.780.1245 to see if I’ll be there.

Above images property of Paula Ogier.

1) “Trudy” Copyright © 2015 Paula Ogier

2) “The Footbridge” © 2014 Paula Ogier

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Snow Waves by Paula OgierIt’s been about a month since the winter solstice, and strangely (may I not regret saying this), we’ve seen very little snow here in Boston. Most of us can probably agree that snow is beautiful, but probably more so if you don’t have to commute to work in it or it hasn’t turned black from street dirt and car fumes. Full of character, diverse in form – be it fluffy, crystalline, whipped up into a frozen frenzy like tips of meringue pie, weighty, fast-falling, or barely discernible in little white dots meandering softly down through the air – it’s easy to see why artists paint snow. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Back around the time of the winter solstice, Huffington Post’s Arts & Culture section ran a piece on the best snow scenes in art. There are likely lots of wonderful paintings that never get the kind of exposure that artists like Wassily Kandinsky (whose fabulous no-white “Winter Landscape” is included) or Camille Pissarro do, but even if these 19 featured aren’t the best that exist in the world, I have to agree most of them are pretty special.

See Huffington Post’s 19 of the Best Snow Scenes in Art.


Pictured: “Snow Waves” Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier

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Paula Ogier Artist Escape

Escape (Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier)

I got a kick out of yesterday’s Artsy Shark post showing 25 different artists in their studios with their thoughts on what inspires their own creativity. The artists were asked “What inspires you? How do you express your creativity through your art?”

It got me thinking, of course, about how I would answer those questions. I related to many of the artists’ answers, but as unique beings we all have our own variations on any given theme. I agree that it can be a spiritual experience. In fact, I started using the expression Inner Space about ten years ago to describe the sensation of going really deep into my art making. Suddenly all this space would open up inside me and it was such a pleasure to luxuriate in it. Do I always feel that? No. But there are so many other lovely associations and pleasures that come from making art for me, that it doesn’t always have to be like that.

As far as what inspires me, I often get excited about great looking buildings, or pairs or groups of buildings that look unexpectedly cool in juxtaposition to one another. Here in Boston, I get to see a lot of that. And then there are animals – the dogs, cats, wabbits, birds, lions, fish, elephants, giraffes and more of the world that maybe make me feel that little bit of wildness inside me. Animals, like buildings, seem to find their way into my art. Patterns and graphics inspire me, as do dreamy, ethereal, beautifully colored scenes. This mash-up of inspirations may be what results in much of my work being multi-layered. Otherwise, how would I fit it all in?

Read Artsy Shark’s Art Studio Visit: What’s Your Creative Inspiration?

Pictured: “Escape” © 2014 Paula Ogier
Do not reproduce without written permission.

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Art Deco fabric

Paris Pearl Drop (Copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier)

It’s official. My recently announced fabric shop, Tangerine Sunday, is now open on Spoonflower. There’s currently a collection of 30 art deco inspired designs available in the shop. I’m also building some other collections for later release.

See the whole Deco Daydreams collection here at Tangerine Sunday.

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paper collageNot that I’m ever short on ideas or inspiration, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with something off your beaten path and see what happens. I make art with my computer a lot, painting in Photoshop with my Wacom electronic pen and pad. Sometimes I use it to make free hand designs, and sometimes to paint over my own scanned drawings, collages and photographs.

Recently an artist friend was visiting me in Boston. She has made a lot of digital images herself in recent years, but the two of us were up for some hands-on art making. We went to my studio together, and while she got engrossed in painting in her sketchbook, I puttered around with some new rubber alphabet stamps and an inkpad. I tried to get through imprinting the entire alphabet on paper without the ink around the letter touching the paper. No such luck!

Next I drew several designs with colored pencils, but the truth is I was itching to get on my computer – I love drawing and painting with my electronic pen. But I made myself do something other then get on my Mac.

I cut some shapes out of black paper. Some were organic shapes and others were straight lines. Then I laid them on a white background and kept moving them around. I loved the images I got from them. They reminded me of architecture, of books, and of seeds. I didn’t glue the pieces of black paper down. Instead, I took photographs of each image before moving the pieces of paper around to make a new design. And now, FINALLY, I have gotten onto Photoshop and created a little montage (see above) of the images! Really, how could I resist?

Any artists out there reading this? Do you ever stray from your usual artistic practice or medium, just to see things a little differently? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.



Images above property of Paula Ogier.



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