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Maeshowe solsticeThe last few days I’ve been contemplating how I might embrace these increasingly short, dark days of December. While making an online search for winter solstice art,” I found a bit of artistic inspiration in this December 2012 item from The Guardian titled Winter Solstice Art: The Dark Night Rises.

“The solstice: the shortest day, the longest night. A deeply holy time long before Christianity, when the rich neolithic settlers of Orkney left their stone houses to witness the midwinter sun strike the chamber deep in the mound of Maeshowe. But is the solstice only about longing for light? Is it not also about enjoying the deepest dark?

As many artists have known, darkness is a potent marvel. “

Now, one week from the winter solstice, I sit in my Boston living room enjoying the muted 9 am daylight and a cup of coffee. My intention until then: find more ways to embrace and appreciate the darkness of the season.


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DENY Designs Paula Ogier 30% offIt’s last call for 30% off great DENY Design housewares and home decor items, and to guarantee a 24th delivery.

Use the code LASTCALL30 by 11:59 EST tonight for the discount.

Here are my designs and the selection of items you can get them on.

Pet beds, trays, bedding, rugs, coffee mugs, mod desks, bling boxes, framed mirrors, tapestries, throw pillows, shower curtains, you name it – they have a great product line.

I’m feeling very purple-y today, so I thought I’d share some of my purple pillow and bedding designs that DENY Designs carries:

Vineyard Dream by Paula Ogier

Vineyard Dream by Paula Ogier

Lotus Garden by Paula Ogier

Lotus Garden by Paula Ogier

Good Morning 1 by Paula Ogier

Good Morning 1 by Paula Ogier

Paula Ogier duvet covers


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SoWa Holiday SaturdayCome to SoWa Holiday Saturday! My studio will be open this Saturday, December 13, as well as the others in my building at 450 Harrison Avenue, from noon-4 pm with all kinds of art for holiday gift giving.

My studio mate (jewelry maker Barbara Goldberg) and I will have delicious, authentic Tortilla Espanola here for you to sample, made by chef Julio de Haro of Estragon Tapas. 

Saturday’s weather forecast is for a full day of sunshine and a high of 46.

Boylston Street by Paula Ogier

“Boylston Street” (Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier)

Paula Ogier luggage tags

Luggage tags designed by Paula Ogier

I’ve got art new prints on display, plus some really fun gifty items like artistic luggage tags, pocket-sized travel notebooks, season’s greetings gift card packs, original wrapping paper & ribbon, and artistic wine charm sets.

You’ll also find a great assortment of beautiful artistic glass trinket plates made by artist Barbara Goldberg & friends. They are perfect for holding little accessories, or even purely as decoration.

Barbara makes one-of-a-kind clay and crystal jewelry in all kinds of vibrant hues, and there is a great selection of them! She also makes beautifully cosmic alcohol ink paintings.

Come on down to our studio on Saturday. We look forward to meeting you!

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