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Mixed Media art by Paula Ogier

“Back Bay Bossa Nova,” Copyright © 2014 Paula Ogier

One of my newer pieces, Back Bay Bossa Nova, involved the use of 23 different layers. I painted this using an electronic pen and pad in conjunction with Photoshop, starting with a photograph I took in Boston’s Back Bay as my template for the buildings. I introduced some of my hand-drawn pattern designs, scaling and skewing them to fit the exteriors of the buildings. The background sky evolved from finger-paintings I made on my Samsung tablet. I added those paintings as back layers.

I’m self-taught at digital drawing/painting and in using Photoshop as an art medium. I have experimented for over a dozen years with digital painting, discovering many new possibilities for creativity over time. I often begin with my own photos or my cut paper collages, and then build upon them in layers with my Wacom brand Intuos digital pen and pad. When I first started playing around in this medium, I never really imagined all I might one day do with it. I use a somewhat older version of Photoshop (CS3), which gives me plenty of tools and potential for expressing my imagination.

In short, this is how I like to imagine my beautiful city of Boston. Not that it isn’t beautiful as is, but I have my own way of seeing it, which I hope reflects my mood and passion for this unusual American city I have called home for 21 years.


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