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For a lovely interplay of words, language and art, check out this video about Miami-based artist Jose Parla’s “Nature of Language” wall mural for the Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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Especially forspring my fellow artists and aspiring artists: There is a wonderful film called “Who Does She Think She Is?” that came out several years ago, documenting the journeys of various female artists who are also moms. It highlights the difficult but worthwhile choices women who are moms sometimes have to make to practice their art. Often it is done in the face of criticism, logistical challenge, and societal and family expectations. The film is beautifully done. I’m not a mom, but I loved the film and the really interesting women who are in it. I recommend it if you get a chance to see it.

I also just saw that Who Does She Think She Is? has a Facebook page with all sorts of inspiring and motivating ideas and information.

Here’s the film’s website.



“Botanica” Copyright © Paula Ogier 2014.

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