Land and Sea  (Copyright © 2015 Paula Ogier)

Land and Sea (Copyright © 2015 Paula Ogier)

Please come on over to my new site for my latest post, Journey Back to the 70s: Creative Expression in Interiors, Graphics, Fashion & Food.



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Art Biz Details

rubber stamp art

Here’s a reminder that my regular blog is now over at Let Me Illustrate My Point.

Having an art business, I’m always looking at what else I can do to give presence to my services. You know, the small beyond-the-obvious details that set a mood. Things that say this is who I am and what I have to offer. My latest post, The Little Stuff: Art Biz Details, looks at a very recent step in the process of making those small tangible details happen.

If you happen to be an artist, or not, after you read it I’d like to know what kind of things you do (or think about doing) to add that little extra something something.


Read that post.

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Paula Ogier Artworks

Paula Ogier Artworks

450 Harrison Avenue studio

A peek inside my Boston studio at 450 Harrison Avenue, #203.

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great summer. You may have noticed I haven’t posted on this blog site in quite some time. That’s because I have a more current blog called Let Me Illustrate My Point here on WordPress. I’ve combined my varied art making and interests into one on that site.

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Also, my studio is open to the public on the First Friday of every month from 5-9 pm, as are the other artist studios in the building. We’ve got three floors of artist studios. Come on by. I’d love to meet you.

450 Harrison Avenue, #203


Paula Ogier Artworks

Paula Ogier artistFor my musings on creativity, aging, and the way we think about age in numbers, join me on my new-ish blog site for The Illusion in Numbers.


GorillapodHi there. If you haven’t been to my new blog site yet, head on over to my latest post, Technology, Travels and Toulouse-Latrec, for some post-NYC / MOMA thoughts.

My chilly, fast-paced long weekend in NYC included an afternoon at the Toulouse-Latrec print exhibit at the MOMA.

I’d love it if you subscribed to the new blog, Let Me Illustrate My Point, as I’m continuing to shift my focus to that one.

See you there.


Paula Ogier Artworks

LOVEly news

I Heart You Paula Ogier

If you missed my recent post about my new blog site, Let Me Illustrate My Point, I’m here to mention it again. Come visit me there.

Have a LOVEly day!


Cow art

At the Moovies
(Copyright © 2013 Paula Ogier)

Hello friends,

I’ve started a brand new blog site called Let Me Illustrate My Point to focus more on my current creative interests and direction. The jury’s still out on whether I’ll continue the Boston Artist blog site. For now, it stays. I appreciate your readership!

Please have a look at the new blog site, and feel free to tell me what you think.



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