For a lovely interplay of words, language and art, check out this video about Miami-based artist Jose Parla’s “Nature of Language” wall mural for the Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Especially forspring my fellow artists and aspiring artists: There is a wonderful film called “Who Does She Think She Is?” that came out several years ago, documenting the journeys of various female artists who are also moms. It highlights the difficult but worthwhile choices women who are moms sometimes have to make to practice their art. Often it is done in the face of criticism, logistical challenge, and societal and family expectations. The film is beautifully done. I’m not a mom, but I loved the film and the really interesting women who are in it. I recommend it if you get a chance to see it.

I also just saw that Who Does She Think She Is? has a Facebook page with all sorts of inspiring and motivating ideas and information.

Here’s the film’s website.



“Botanica” Copyright © Paula Ogier 2014.

Cat art on personal checksWriting checks should be a happy experience. The good folks over at Check Advantage are offering a special 1-week promotion on my art checks, checkbook covers and address labels. This week only you can get $3 off all of their checks, address labels and checkbook covers with my artwork on it!

Follow this link and enjoy the brilliant colors of these series:
1) Meowza (Cats)
2) Love Me, Love My Dog (Dogs)
3) Deja Moo (Cows)
4) Full Moon Series

Happy check writing and letter mailing to you,



“Zen and the Art of Doing Nothing” by Paula Ogier

My pal Eden Stone is preparing for kidney transplant surgery in winter/spring 2014. Eden is a truly unique spirit. She’s a ukulele player and a scooter enthusiast, an animal lover, a certified wine specialist and teacher, and a diehard Boston Red Sox fan. She is also a keen listener and writer, a dear friend to many, and an all-around salt of the earth person.

An ONLINE AUCTION (just in time for the holidays!) is being set up to raise funds to help pay for expenses during her lengthy recovery. The online auction runs tomorrow, November 14, through December 15.

Here are two framed art giclée prints I am donating to the auction: “Zen and the Art of Doing Nothing” (Copyright © Paula Ogier 2013) and “Late Night Libations” (Copyright © Paula Ogier 2013).


“Late Night Libations” by Paula Ogier

To bid on these or any of the other cool offerings in the auction, go to Edenskidney.org and visit the Online Auction.

Thank you for taking a look at the auction and for considering!


ImageThis year marks the 40th anniversary exhibition of the Kaji Aso Studio in Boston. The show, titled “Reflection” is at the Prudential Center in the Huntington Archade Winter Garden November 1-16, 2013. My feeling is that it’s much too short of a show, and I consider myself lucky to have incidentally passed through the arcade twice in the last week. The show features a great deal of watercolors, but also pastel, sumi ink and graphite works, plus sculpture crafted from ceramic, stoneware and bronze. Twenty-five artists have participated in the show, and there is also a lovely watercolor on display from Mr. Aso, who passed away in 2006. His studio school lives on in the Fenway area of Boston at 40 St. Stephen St. Boston.

The Huntington arcade in the Prudential Center, with its glass ceiling and a glass wall that looks out into a serene landscaped center garden, is a lovely airy place in which to view these works. Whether overcast or sunny (and I have seen it in both lights), the natural light complements the often ethereal quality of many of the works.

This Friday, November 8, there will be a musical event at the exhibit featuring opera selections and art songs. The event is scheduled from 7:30-9 pm. On Saturday, November 9, students of the school will be doing individually written Japanese calligraphy, which they will be selling from 1-6 pm in the Pru’s food court.

Learn more about the Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts.

A Fish Wish Come True

Special thanks to Cat Bennett, author of the newly published “Making Art a Practice,” for including my “Fish Wish” (pictured here) painting in her recently published book. Image

And—I’m not just saying this because my art is in it!—the book is inspiring and thoughtful, speaking to both the experienced and inexperienced art-makers among us. Its voice is encouraging without being overbearing. It entices and stimulates and makes you want to know what else you might possibly create (and have fun in the process of). There are lots of brilliant suggestions for how to stay connected to artmaking, experience community among artists and explore what else may be waiting inside us to be expressed. I have truly loved reading it and that’s why my copy (pictured here) is already getting worn at the corners.

Cat Bennett also has a great page on Facebook called The Company of Artists. It’s filled with links to stories about artists and illustrators, and about what they do and why. It has news and thoughts about everything from books to manga to museum exhibits to graphic design to street art and more.

ImageTo learn more about the book, here’s its page on Amazon.

“Fish Wish” painting Copyright © Paula Ogier 2010. Do not reproduce without artist written permission.

Lotus Breeze rug by Paula Ogier for DENY DesignsMore fun underfoot! Yesterday I posted an image of my Emerald Ecstacy design which is being produced on woven rugs, and today here’s another of my images – “Lotus Breeze” – which is also available on woven rugs from DENY Designs!

These rugs are available in 2′ x 3′ size ($49) and in 4′ x 6′ size ($149).

To purchase the Lotus Breeze rug, visit DENY Designs.




“Lotus Breeze” Copyright © Paula Ogier 2013.



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